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Founded in 2017 and based in Gurgaon, we are a pioneer in HR staffing process services at SDS Placements and Services Private Limited. Weoffer all-inclusive staffing and recruiting services for Human Resources Departments throughout India.

We are experts in catering to corporations of every size; right from start-up businesses to creating class-apart HR teams to even MNC’s with complex and extensive resource requirements.

Our team also undergoes an extensive culture evaluation for the precise identification of your candidate. Specializing in HR staffing process services, we bring forth our exclusive experience to the task. We mainly prioritize customer service, performance, and our business integrity.

We exercise modern technology and a series of candidates to offer the best staffing solutions in every region of the country and at every level of HR professional responsibility.

Human Resource Consultancy Services

We also put our focus on the culture of your business. Through our extensive candidate selection procedure, we ensure your staffing requirements are met by the most talented and skilled. As envisioned, we help your business ease the operations through our staffing procedure; from on-boarding and management of staff to the final settlement.

Being the leading Human Resource consultant, we ensure our staffing involves detailed-oriented process like the on-time pay checks, strict accounting, precise documentation, and staying compliant, and all of this are done under the strict supervision and guidance of professionals. The tailor-made service can suit your organization and are adaptable to your staffing needs that are your business’ niche.

HR Staffing Process Solution

Our HR staffing recruitment sector aids the management to determine the number of employees that are required for the organization. We are also experts in improving the productivity of your organization, and with our accurate employee selection in the organization, we can successfully improve the employee quality and through good training, the employee’s performance level can also be boosted.

Our staffing recruitment solutions ensure job satisfaction to your employees and help heighten their Morales. It is through our best training and development program, that your employees get motivated for work, and their efficiency increases to 100%. And because we are recruiting for decades, we can successfully negotiate profitable values followed by long-term contracts with the country’s job boards, hence getting your advert across to the best people.

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