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With experience spanning more than a decade in payroll management outsourcing services, we at SDS Placements and Services Private Limited have never wavered in ensuring that your employees are accurately paid and that too on time. Our Gurgaon-based payroll outsourcing solution caters to the local tax compliance regulations and renders your calmness of mind that you are being taken care of by a professional.

Our team of experienced experts puts in efforts to understand and take care of your payroll compliance obligations like the PF, ESI or Employee State Insurance, PT or Profession Tax, and LWF or Labour Welfare Fund. Our operational experts are also famed industry leaders who study and evaluate all the complexities and details that go into the final settlement process.

From the calculation of payable days to notice period recovery and from investment proofs to reimbursement claims to deductions, everything is taken care of by us.

Highly-Efficient Payroll Management Outsourcing Solution

By just sending us the various monthly particulars, we ensure to look into everything- from payroll processes that are based on the current legislative updates to processing investment declarations of your recent joiners and updating them on your HR system.

From doling out consolidated reports to validating reimbursement claims and integrating the payroll data, our experts look after everything with care.

Our professionals and team members also make sure to look into the regular upkeep of your arrear registers and upkeeping of the reports for combined arrear computation for aiding in audits. Our payroll outsourcing team also reduces your cost and saves you time to help you handle financial activities associated with payroll.

Implementation of Advanced Technology

The services included in our payroll outsourcing solutions are maintenance of employee records, calculation of wages and salaries of the employee, adding bonuses and computing, payroll distribution, payroll generating associated reports and adherence with the government taxation laws.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now can automate a large chunk of our payroll management services, hence making it easier and faster than before. The right software we rely upon is designed as per your requirements, and by counting on our software you can bid adieu to the redundant jobs like routine timesheets updating.

We also believe in maintaining only one payroll schedule instead of multiple payroll schedules to ensure effectiveness, avoid confusion, and slacking down pay cycles.

Compliances Under Contract Labour( Regulation and Abolition)Act-1970-
Payroll Compliance Activities
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